Very short post.. even my blogging style is aligning itself to the way groovy allows me to write code – i.e. quickly.

Shamelessly copied from Dierk Konig’s excellent book “Groovy in Action’, I bring you the groovy implementation of the quick sort algorithm…

def quicksort(list)
    if ( list.size() < 2 ) 
        return list
    def pivot    = list[list.size().intdiv(2)]
    def left     = list.findAll {item -> item < pivot}
    def middle   = list.findAll {item -> item == pivot}
    def right    = list.findAll {item -> item > pivot}
    return (quicksort(left) + middle + quicksort(right))

(For those not familiar with Groovy, findAll, closures and ranges are standard language features and this algorithm ties these concepts up so nicely…)
I’m quickly falling in love with Groovy… I can’t wait to see whats waiting for me in the Grails framework… (more on this when I have time to post)