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RAGE from id Software is short and limited


So I just finished the latest game from one of my favourite development studios, id Software.
It took me just over 10 hours, and that includes ALL the quests, some of the jump bonuses and some of the races.

Yes, the graphics are awesome.
Yes, the character animation are flawless.
Yes, the sound is incredible.
Yes, driving a car around a wasteland blowing up other cars and squishing mutants is satisfying.

However, the reason I play games from id Software is primarily for the multiplayer component. I grew up on Wolfenstein, Doom and spent many years rocket jumping around Quake levels. For this game to only have 2 multiplayer game modes is horrid, and neither of them is a deathmatch with actual weapons, levels etc. Its a car racing/driving deathmatch. The other mode is a co-op mode that takes you through a kind of slaughter house fest. Yay. I’m sure its fun, but for some reason, I find it way more satisfying to kill my friends on the virtual battlefield. If I want to co-op, I’ll play a AAA MMO for a real sense of accomplishment.

This game in its current form is just an epic fail. As a developer, I can appreciate the amount of time it must have taken to write the engine behind it… but were the content/game designers sleeping for 3 of the 5 years?

The worst part is that once you finish the game, you can’t go back into a ‘free play’ mode to explore and do instances, finish races etc.

I’m hoping Skyrim will be better…

A pre-alpha screenshot of my swarm in the game.

Sometimes, you just have to go with it…


A few weeks ago, I was chatting to Spencer (the designer of the MindHunters game I’m working on) about the cocos2d-x¬†framework and how I would like to port Lumi over to the framework to allow Android users to be able to experience the game. The beauty of the framework is that it is an almost direct port to C++ from the original cocos2d-iphone framework which Lumi was built on, and since all of the game logic had been written in C++, all I needed to do was rewrite the Presentation Layer code to sit on top of cocos2d-x.


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