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Go go SFML!!

Picking a library…


Progress is being made on MindHunters (the Trading Card Game I’m working on). In fact, progress has been really good.

Effects are working on the server, and the game is much more playable (and enjoyable) via the testbed client. Its time to move onto developing the actual game client. This is where I am, and where I’ve been since last week Friday. Well, actually, last Friday I was wondering which framework I should use (if any) for developing the client. My choices were:

  • SDL
  • SFML
  • Cinder
  • Qt
  • Write my own OpenGL framework (not really an option)


Progress on MindHunters


Tonight I finished the first functionally complete version of my Card and Effect designer for MindHunters. To say I’m happy with the result is an understatement. With this tool, I’ll be able to import updated versions of the card library and effects database quickly whenever they are sent to me and in the meanwhile focus on integrating effect resolution into the game.

Once the effects are integrated and working, I’ll have to move into serious development on the game client. Still aiming for early alpha near the end of the year.

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