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cocos2d-iphone: Sliding menu (from Lumi)


When Lumi was being designed, I wanted to make the navigation through the level packs and levels as slick as possible. I had played enough iOS games to know that navigation makes a huge difference to a games impact on a player. We were aiming for a simple, almost obvious paradigm to allow players to navigate through the level packs and levels.
I realised that during the discussions, the word ‘pages’ was constantly mentioned, as in ‘when the player goes from this page to this page’ or ‘maybe we should let the player flip through pages of levels’… this was so obvious – we were even using it while discussing WHAT the navigation would be. So, pages it was. With that out of the way, I decided to go with a UI mechanism similar to what Angry Birds had done for their level selection mechanics, which was to allow the user to slide left/right to flip ‘pages’.

Initially I had the code doing the same thing (sliding left and right), and that worked really well, but after I saw the graphic assets and we discussed how the level pack graphics would look, I realised I had to move to an up/down sliding mechanism. Not a problem, a quick refactor, a new enumeration and voila!

So now that Lumi has been released, and is doing well, I thought I’d share the code behind Lumi’s sliding menu system.



Lumi and Lumi HD have been approved and released on the App Store!


I’m extremely proud and happy to announce that our second game, Lumi, has been released for both iPhone and iPad this evening.

You can grab your free copy at the following links:

Lumi HD

Lumi and Lumi HD have gone into review!!


I’m excited, and at the same time nervous. This is the first app I’ve done with StoreKit integration, and I just can’t shake the feeling that something, somewhere, is going to go wrong…

Oh well, the worst that can happen is a rejection. Lets hope it doesn’t happen :)

Lumi Teaser Video


Here is a teaser video of the new Lumi game….

Lumi: The starting screen

Lumi submitted to App Store


I am proud to announce that at 22:51 on the 31st of December, 2010, our latest game, Lumi, has been submitted to the App Store for review (and hopefully approval *nudge nudge @ Apple* :)

As a taster, here are some screenshots of this up and coming puzzler…

Lumi: The starting screen

The game is a puzzler where you take control of light beams and direct, reflect and filter them in order to get them to hit their targets…

Lumi: An intermediate level starting out

Most puzzles have more than one solution… and some cool particle effects when you get a light beam to hit the correct target….

Lumi: A solution in action...

As soon as I hear from Apple (approval or rejection), I’ll update.

Might also post a video of the game in action once its done….

Happy New Year everyone!!!

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